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From Punto Mita Suites & Hostal terrace you get to see and can even walk to the main surfing spots in Punta de Mita

  • La Lancha
  • El Anclote
  • El faro
  • Stincky’s

We are 10 minutes away by boat or driving from other surf spots such as:

  • Punta Burros
  • Rancho Patzcuarito
  • Careyeros
  • Punta Negra
  • La Bahía
  • Carricitos
  • Veneros

If you drive 15 to 45 minutes you can reach:

  • Sayulita (15 min)
  • San Pancho (25 min)
  • Chacala (45 min)


Sport fishing is recreational activity, when you sail in high seas fishing is just a gift, its main feature is that fishermen do not seek massive catch fish, but the goal is to catch the biggest with the largest dimensions and weight

Punta de Mita is a strategic destination for sport fishing because is located within 19 nautical miles of La Corbeteña and 35 nautical miles from El Banco , considered the best spots for sport fishing in the region.

Sport fishing species

  • Mahi Mahi
  • Sailfish
  • Marlín
  • Tuna
  • Wahoo

The best of all is that after a great day of fishing you can prepare your fish at the grill on Punto Mita Rooftop Terrace.

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The national park is composed by two uninhabited islands near Punta de Mita, you get to see Marietas from Punto Mita Rooftop terrace. Punta de Mita is the closest point from the coast to Marietas. It is not allowed to visit the islands by yourself, only government-accredited guides can make visits.

The area is fully protected so the wildlife, the coral and marine life are stunning. There are tours every day from Punta de Mita local duck cooperative.

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There are cross country routes between Punta de Mita - Sayulita - San Pancho. You can climb the “Cerro del Mono” with challenging slopes and technical descents. There are also routes in Mascota located within 2 hours


There are 4 lane road and berms at the entrances to Punta Mita so you can easily go to Higuera Blanca (nearby town) and continue to Sayulita for the simple road. There is also the road to La Cruz de Huanacaxtle and has large berms all the way.

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The Corbeteña is located 19 nautical miles from Punta de Mita and it´s recognized as the best place for large species spearfishing because the biggest fish converge in the area, you can also practice spearfishing in the shallow waters near Punta de Mita.

The best of all is that after a great day of fishing can prepare your fish on the grill at Punto Mita’s rooftop terrace.

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There are narrow paths through the jungle of Punta de Mita - Sayuita - San Pancho. With spectacular views, these roads are perfect for watching wildlife as well is a great place for photographers.

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White Sand, coral reef, colorful rocks and shallow waters makes Punta de Mita a perfect place for snorkel, Marietas Islands is an excellent destination to practice also the nearby beaches as Careyeros.

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Punta de Mita is a perfect destination for SUP due to the combination of calm waters and waves to surf, so you can practice experts and beginners.

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Humpback Whale season in Banderas Bay is from December to March, humpback whales come each year from the cold waters of the North Pacific to breed and bear their young. Whale watching is truly amazing, they can jump up to three meters, shaking the sea surface and creating waves it is just awesome.

Sometimes you can see whales from our Rooftop terrace. You can take tours every day departing from Punta de Mita.

San Pancho – Pal – Mar Tropical

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